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Pregnancy brings a new meaning to the concept of beauty. It is a period of immense joy and exciting change. The feeling of carrying a little soul within you is magnificent. If you are expecting a little angel, here you can find everything you need to make this journey even more wonderful.

A baby fills a place in your heart that you never knew was empty.

Pre & Post natal massage

In this time of great physical and emotional change for a woman, it is important that she finds the time to take proper care of herself and her body, no matter how busy her life is.

Massage is a soothing and beneficial therapy during this period. Experts believe that massage is an excellent stress buster and mood elevator.

- Prenatal massage enhances the function of muscles and joints, improves circulation and general body tone, and relieves mental and physical fatigue.

- You may start receiving postpartum massages as soon as you feel comfortable.

- Many mothers want to leave their baby in good hands and take a break, but some prefer to bring their newborn with them, so babies are welcome!

Infant massage classes

Would you like to learn how to massage your baby?

Oeshi Vitality Centre offers this very special opportunity. Infant massage is becoming very popular and studies have proven its numerous benefits. In the end, the power of touch is our first language.

Massage is a perfect way for parents to bond with their baby through expressing their love and care. These classes teach gentle and rhythmic strokes which may help your baby develop mentally, socially and physically. The massage techniques you will learn may also enhance the immune system, promote better sleeping, relieve colic, stimulate digestion, teach positive loving touch and much more.

These classes are divided in three days, with details of these below.

Group sessions are also available. It is a great way for you to learn the baby massage routine with people that you already know such as friends or groups such as NCT. To enquire about group sessions, please contact us using the form. Many thanks.

PREPAID Your Treatment

If you would like to prepaid your treatment, please click here. Remember to book your appointment online as well. If you have any inconvenience during any of these process, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to seeing you. Many thanks!


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Pregnancy Massage

My pregnant clients often describe this gentle, relaxing lower back massage...

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Postnatal Massage

Residual body aches from pregnancy are common.

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Infant Massage | Part 1

Infant massage part 1 introduction, Strokes, Chest and tummy.

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Infant Massage | Part 2

Infant massage part 2, legs and feet, Arms and hands.

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Infant Massage | Part 3

Back and Encouraging tummy time, Face and Head.

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A truly wonderful bonding experience...

I love being able to spend some dedicated quality time with my son. I really believe that he knows what to expect in the evening routine and massage definitely helps to prepare him for bedtime. He is now sleeping through the night and I am positive that adopting this into his regular bedtime routine has undoubtedly helped - All in all, he is a very calm, contented and happy little baby and I really so grateful for everything that you taught me. It is a truly wonderful bonding experience between Mother and Baby, of which we both look forward to!

Annie & little Lochlan

We're very grateful for this amazing experience...

Leonardo was nine months at the time. At first, I thought it would be a challenge because he was already very mobile. Surprisingly, Leo stayed laying down most of the time. He was a bit fidgety during the first two sessions, but gradually got used to the massage - I noticed that regularly massaging Leo before bedtime, helped him settle better. Massaging his tummy, actually improved his bowel movements and he often got a full dirty nappy on the way home. After six sessions, I felt I learned a lot. Leonardo is now 18 months and I still massage him. He's favourite places are his feet and his back!

Isabella & little Leonardo

Our baby is a very happy baby

I first met Judith for a pregnancy massage when I was overdue and very stressed in 2017. I am always in search of the perfect massage and Judith managed to meet perfection at a very stressful time in my life. Myself and my NCT group all went to Judith for massages as she was amazing. So, when I came to learning baby massage for our new born she was our first choice. We met for baby massage as a group and the babies loved it. My baby is now seven months old and when I massage him every night, he giggles and smiles at the techniques Judith showed i.e. half moon, full moon. It's such a bonding experience between you and the baby in the early days that will stay with you. Baby loved Judith too and got very excited when we bumped into her the other day. So they do remember everything! I should mention that Judith is also one of the most selfless and warmest people you will meet which only adds to your experience. The massage prices are very highly competitive and in a lovely setting considering the effort and time that Judith puts into the whole experience to make you relaxed. I'm reluctant to tell you how good she is because I don't want her to get too busy but I must share this as Judith is one of the best massages I've had (and I've had many around the world) and She serves the praise and success it brings with it! Thanks Judith our baby is a very happy baby for meeting you.

Nicole & little Kiyoshi

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