Alternative Therapies

Faith can move mountains

Oeshi Alternative Therapies

Oeshi Alternative Therapies are designed to improve patients’ well-being and are unified by being grounded in a belief that their belief body is able to heal itself. These treatments are tailored to the individual rather than using a “one size fits all” approach. Oeshi Vitality Centre is here to bring an exclusive pampering destination to Clapham.

Stress Reduction Massage Therapy

This specific therapy has been designed for companies only and is intended to be used as part of their investment in boosting employees’ health, attendance and productivity. Stress is widely recognised as one of the most common causes of ill-health and is thought to cost the economy millions of pounds each year though casual absenteeism and avoidable long-term sick leave.


Benefits of Stress Reduction Massage

- Less conflict and more inter-departmental co-operation

- Enhanced creative-thinking

- Improved morale within a healthy and supportive environment

- Minimised staff turnover from employees who feel valued

- Higher productivity from a healthier workforce

- Reduced stress and absenteeism


When to use it?

- Ideally on a weekly basis, as regular massage has the greatest benefits

- During an intensive work period, when employees are working long hours - stress reduction massage therapy provides an energy-restoring break and enhances motivation by reducing physical and mental stress

- For reward or incentive schemes, the offer of stress reduction massage encourages employees to strive for a specific goal or reward

PREPAID Your Treatment

If you would like to prepaid your treatment, please click here. Remember to book your appointment online as well. If you have any inconvenience during any of these process, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to seeing you. Many thanks!

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