Magic Tuesday

Trusting the unknown

Magic Tuesday

Magic Tuesday was born through asking myself how I could help more people live their best life. Through asking myself this question, an idea came into my mind, and I knew at once that was what I wanted to pursue.

Like with everything I offer, and as with every part of my life, Magic Tuesday has been created from deep within my heart. In short, Magic Tuesday is a series of events about finding yourself and falling in love with who you are.

"I am learning to trust the journey, even when I don't understand it" - Mila Bron

The image I chose for Magic Tuesday consists of a loving woman with a serene approach to life. Feeling confident, happy, trusting the unknown...The butterfly represents her personal growth, as well as endurance, change, hope and beauty... The sea in her eyes represents life and its hardships. Seas, with their daunting width and depth, also symbolises life itself. Water can be calm, but also rage suddenly, with the waves representing the sudden obstacles life can throw our way.

magic tuesday

"The challenges we face in life are always lessons that serve our soul's grow" - Marianne Williamson

Once a month, every first Tuesday of every month to be more specific, a unique evening will take place here in Clapham. You will be surrounded by great people, experience a thought-provoking talk, silence, inspiring music, surprises, presents, healing, games with precious messages and a unique environment.


Ladies... Magic Tuesday is here! Let's have fun and forget about our responsibilities for a while by making some space to receive new knowledge, be open minded, meet wonderful new people, open up to the magic of the unknown, get some answers, feel grateful and connect to our inner peace.

Surround yourself with people that reflect who you want to be and how you want to live.

Energies are contagious; your vibe attracts your tribe!





Everyone is welcome | Places are limited!

Please get in touch if you are interested in attending this event so I can share more details regarding the location. Phone: 079 4391 0300

Every month | Different Guest-Topic

The evening will be divided into three parts. I love number three, and believe it to be linked to magic, creation and completion.

During the first section, it is time to feel. This is an opportunity to be open- minded, concentrate on your own experience and allow yourself to bring magic into your life! We will sit comfortably on the floor and remain in a meditative state, to await a range of stimulating experiences. Remember, this part is all about feelings, and I will guide you through every step.

In the second section, it is time to receive. Games and presents will take place and you are also invited to share parts of your experience, if you so wish.

During the third section, it is time to learn. A different guest will join us every month and he or she will share their expert insights and views about a topic for you to incorporate into your life. The talk will last around 15 minutes and you are welcome to take notes if you like. There will also be some time for questions.

I will keep you updated about the upcoming monthly guest through an Instagram post. Please rest assured that I will be very selective and choose those who can offer ideas for everyone.

"Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye" H. Jackson Brown.


Created with love,